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This library, the home of the Web Inquirer, is a public web resource constructed by Jan Roberts, a woman who works internationally as an investigative journalist and author. The library operates from a boat shaped from oak and cedar on the River Thames. Jan writes for major papers, has lived for years with Australian Aborigines and has authored several books on their struggle in Australia. together with selections from other writers.


It is also to support those who are seeking spiritual wisdom, a meeting place for those who wonder at the marvels of the world we inhabit and treasure it as a precious gift.

The Library is also dedicated to those fighting for personal freedom, for the end to discrimination and to sexism, and especially to those who find in pain they were assigned to the wrong gender. Find out how this could happen. Read also how a journalist tackled a personal demon much more frightening for her than any investigation she undertook for the BBC. Read the story of the "cowardly lioness."

It is also for the vaccine damaged, their parents and friends, for those worried about 'mad-cow' disease, for all those damaged by careless medicine, factory farming, pesticides and other pollutants.

This library contains something of what its creator has learnt of life, some of the background documentation behind her written or television work - and some of sources she have found valuable. Hope you find them useful!

There is also a "coffee-shop", a room making new friends - with links to their home pages or mail-boxes.

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A Guide to the Library. There are many rooms to her Library - and new wings and storage areas may appear at any time - building plans will take a lifetime to complete. Please feel free to wander and to copy anything. Only commercial publishing is not allowed without written permission


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CIMRA - Colonialism and Indigenous Minorities s Research Action


CIMRA was founded in 1977 to raise support for colonised minorities, to help to make their voice heard. It's particular expertise has been in researching the exploitation by transnational corporations of these ill-protected people's lands. Today it works for all who are relatively powerless in the face of the greed of major corporations.Please Click Here for recent CIMRA research and for sister groups.

If you would like to contact the author, click on her name, Jan Roberts ©1996 -
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