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The above painting is by Blake and entitled Satan Inflicting Boils. This web-site is for research on inflictions caused, or suspected to be caused, by medical negligence and bad science linked to vaccination. It has been organised in order to help parents educate themselves. There is plenty of information publically available on the advantages of vaccination - this site seeks to give the science that is rarely reported and hard to obtain on the risks of certain vaccination techniques.

This is not a medically light-weight site - it is intended to be a place where you can find top research put into a form that makes it accessible to the non-medically trained. Much of the information here comes from peer-reviewed academic sources. Some is based on interviews with senior researchers and academics. Some is investigative work that has appeared in reputable newspapers (such as The Independent in the UK) or on reputable television programs that the author of this website, Janine Roberts, has produced for major broadcasters. The sources are given in all cases.

Professor Stewart of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London University's leading immunologist, when interviewed by Jan Roberts for "The Independent" in 1996 stated that all the current vaccines based on living viruses were hazardous. He said that was why he was heading up a team to try to find new vaccines. Jan told him of the parents that had come to her with children very seriously ill after vaccination - and he replied; "Well, what would you expect? We know the current vaccines are hazardous."

The leading scientist on the MERCK company team - the drug company that makes many of America's vaccines, told Jan Roberts: "we expect 20% of the children to fall ill after vaccination." He then hastened to add - "not seriously ill ". There is thus much that is not being told to parents.


If you suspect your child may have become ill due to vaccination - please use the online SAR (Suspect Adverse Reaction) database to report whatever facts you wish to make public. All the data entered will automatically become a public resource. Hopefully over time it will become a valuable international resource. It was started in July 2000. It has its own vaccination chat room and a link to the JABS support group. On the Jabs website there is analysis of figures for some vaccine side effects.

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A Personal Note. The author of this page, Janine Roberts, first learnt of vaccine risks through Jackie and John Fletcher whose son Robert became seriously ill with a rare auto immune disease within days of being inoculated against measles, rubella and mumps. (the so called MMR jab). They were told by doctors that it was only coincidental that their son fell ill after the vaccination but then, in the hospital waiting room, Jackie met another mother who had been told her son's illness after vaccination was totally coincidental. When Jackie and John then tentatively advertised a meeting to see if there were other parents out there that had been told "It is only coincidental" over a hundred turned up. Jackie and John now help co-ordinate an organisation called Jabs for the parents of the suspected vaccine damaged. They now have a list of hundreds of children who fell extremely ill shortly after or at the time of vaccination. The JABS Website can also be accessed through the SAR (Suspect Adverse Reaction Database) above.

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