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Editor Janine Roberts


This investigative magazine gives in-depth solid documentation to cases of governmental or scientific carelessness and to cases of abuse of power - and to proposed remedies. As a practical magazine aimed at encouraging responsible government and good science, it also covers campaigns to rectify these abuses.

It's aim is to be forthright and fearless. It calls a lie a lie - particularly when told by government.

The Web Inquireris where you will find out about changes to the permanent exhibitions housed in Jan's Library. Old content from the Web Inquirer will be either stored in library archives or made into new permanent exhibitions.

The Web Inquirer will be a place to come for reviews of internet sites and web resources with hot links.

It welcomes relevant suitable contributions and email for publication.

An Introduction to its Contents

The editorial in this issue is on Northern Ireland.

We have significant new articles on what many scientists are now calling "the new emerging diseases'. These are diseases caused by inadequately thought out or researched scientific or economical activity - including medical, industrial and agricultural.

This month we are looking at dangers from milk, from the use of hormones to fatten cattle, from Chrnobyl and have an update on mad cow disease.




. On Irish Peace Negotiations.


  1. So you thought milk was harmless!


  2. An Update on Mad Cow Disease


  3. Not the way to fatten even the sane Cattle


  4. The Catholic Church and Gender.


  5. Beanal versus Freeport - A David and Golliath story.


  6. Campaigning for Justice for Aboriginal Australians


  7. Paradise island at War - Alert.


  8. It's worse at Chernobyl than we thought.


  9. A hidden medical crime in Israel


  10. Amnesty International in 1996 Slams Australia for its treatment of Aborigines.

    Next a short true story.

    Heading home for an after dinner massacre.

    FEATURE Stories from our Library.


  11. The future? A charter for Gender Rights.


  12. "De Beers breaks up families of diamond miners".


  13. Aboriginal Australia - a rich collection


  14. Bonded Slaves - the children who cut your engagement stones.


  15. Armsgate - a suppressed scandal that should have led to Reagan and Bush's downfall.


  16. Shaming Freeport's President at the world's biggest gold mine.


  17. How UK Chief Medical Officer put unborn babies at risk .


  18. A secret war in the South Pacific.


  19. A leading scientist on emerging infections diseases.- with hot links ..More can be found in the Library under the Room for the Vaccine Damaged


  20. How hormone pollutants are distorting life. .


  21. Skin cancer. With hot links.

  22. The fraudulent Epidemic


  23. Gender - the origins of western sexism and what makes one male or female.


  24. Frozen Diamonds, 300,000 caribou and Canadian Indians - the Dene.


  25. The Mad Cow disease - will it strike the USA? plus some background papers.


  26. MuckDonalds, the burger-lords.


    A summary of the important book "Our Stolen Future" on hormone pollution.

    Our Stolen Future

    A review of a popular book by an American woman called "Mutant Message from Down Under." She has made millions, find out what Aborgines told her from Down Under. Click for their comments


    This magazine is dedicated to the Mouse that Roared.

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