This website contains the work of a woman

Who has had a most exciting and unusual life, a destiny that freed her

Ordained as a failty assexual Catholic Priest in young adulthood,

Hermaphrodite, she found her place among womankind while working with Aborigines in the early 1970s,

Gifted then to live as a parent, a woman, a priestess, a weaver of tales,

Today she uses her skill as an investigative journalist and film-maker

Against idols of power and greed, supporting the rights of her sisters and brothers,

While holding strong for her Lover-God and the sacred Earth who birthed her.

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from a priestess who shares the old nature-centred spirituality of her Celtic people and who honours her ancestors both Christian and Pagan .the otter

I work with a God who is my lover, with the Goddess who is my sister and creatrix, and with the spirits of plants and other creatures. My way of fighting evil is through my investigative journalism and by working magic. I see myself as in the craft of Mystics, that underlies all religion. Imagination is for me the most God-like of human powers - for it gives us a gift of Creation.

My much missed late partner was for decades a member of the circle founded by Gerald Gardner who helped start the modern revival of Wicca, an initiatory tradition of witchcraft and priesthood - devoted to honoring the God and Goddess and to honouring Nature as sacred, as good and rich.

My life has also been enriched by the 15 years I spent working, travelling and living with Australian Aborigines, helping in their fight for land rights. I have also worked with 'eco-warriors', helping to save a forest in Kent that I knew as a child. Today I love working in the stones of Avebury - and am an initiate of particularly wonderful grove of oaks.

Since I am now of Crone Age - having celebrated for a week my incredible 60th birthday - I know it is time I shared more of what I have learnt during this unusual and rich life. In ancient cultures - such as that of the Zulu, of American Indians and of Siberian tribes, people such as me, born physically between the genders, called in later life to find their true gender role, are blessed by having a 'pre-birth condition' that the American Indians said was a "call by the moon". It is said to be a gift that can make one a suitable canditate to become a shaman or spiritual leader, able to help others travel between the otherworld of spirits and this world. This is for me the meaning of my birth-gift, why I seemingly contraditingly said in childhood both that I should be a girl and be a priest.

I have told this story in a book that took me some 7 years to write Click Here for a synopsis and excerpts,- and here for purchasing details. Its name is 'The Seven Days of My Creation: Tales of Magic, Sex and Gender". I think you will not be disappointed. There is much in it on the mystics, Aborigines, gnostic Christians, magic, religion, shamanism and the history of the Craft that you will not find elsewhere. There is also much on the magic of the Aborigines. It is the "legacy" book I decided to write for my daughters and my extended family after I was assaulted during one of my human rights investigations and subsequently spent 2 weeks critically ill. It is also the only book as far as I know by a person who looks back on her gender-role transition from a viewpoint of many decades later.

The photo below is of our 1998 camp, within a forest near to my childhood home that we helped to successfully defend, living in benders, digging tunnels and putting up tree houses. This witchcamp was paid for by gifts, food and the forest's hospitality was free . It was attended by many wonderful witches including Starhawk, the author of "Dreaming the Dark" and "The Sp;iral Dance" - a woman of Jewish heritage who is now working with the Palestinians on the West Bank.

Read here some sample of the above book, about the women's sacred sites at Uluru in Central Australia to which I was taken (Ayers Rock) and about our successful struggle to protect a forest I knew as a child, Lyminge Forest in England - and a study of the witchtrials that reveals new research on the links between Eruopean "shamanism" and witchcraft. This study shows how much current scholarship basically got it wrong.

As for my "warrior side"

The photographs below are of the children of De Beers diamond mineworker - taken in a Township that gave me much hospitality. The background picture on this page is of a South African child walking back to a similar shanty home through the dust blown from a diamond mine. The central picture below is of diamond workers inside a mine gathered to watch my "Diamond Empire" film. They wanted to know what De Beers was doing and fired questions at me for 3 hours. They work for tiny salaries, which De Beers is constantly cutting. White workers can have their wives with them in the mining towns but not the Black workers - officially because they are on the lowest pay scales that do not have such "privileges" If you want to learn more about them - and the campaign to end these abuses, please click to go onto my major diamonds and human rights website, where can be purchased my diamond book and film.

If you want books on witchcraft, please visit our "Bookshop for Sacred Times" where we review the classical works on witchcraft. Get Amazon's discounted prices. Half of our income from this goes to social justice campaigns. Find our Doreen Valiente page, Starhawk page, Crowley page - books on Aboriginal Women and their rituals and magic - and much more

PARENTS - You will also find on this website - and at my vaccines website scientific information on childhood vaccines. There is much up-to-date information here on MMR, on Measles, on the Polio vaccine and on relevant research and government policies.. I recently made a film for Channel 4's prestigious Dispatches program on how a vaccine contaminant (a monkey virus) was in millions of vaccine doses - and is now appearing in thousands of human cancers. I attended in 1998 an urgent conference called by the US Government that brought together evidence from many laboratories on how this monkey virus is now in one third of all human bone cancers, over 80% of childhood brain tumours, over 80% of lung mesothioma cancers and in many other human cancers. The monkey virus seemingly disables the human gene that stops cells multiplying (the p53 gene) thus leaving us much more open to cancer. . I work with parent groups.

I also can be contacted via the email link on my Vaccines Website.

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Below are sample pages from my websites.

new - Leading UK newspaper The Independent calls her work "Glitter and Greed" both "brilliant" and "Gripping"

Spiritual Witchcraft, History of Magic, Women and Religion. Introduction to the Craft Mystics Druids Irish Goddess, Eco-warriors,

Health and Jabs Jan's new Vacination Website - Vaccination - MMR Monkey viruses in Polio Vaccine Compulsory Vaccination Genetically Modified Milk Skin Cancer Mad Cow MacDonalds

Diamonds Jan's new diamond book - and diamond film website - also Diamond Miners Working Conditions Diamond Cutting by Children Diamond Mining in the Canadian Arctic

Aborigines The Room for Aboriginal Australia Aboriginal Women at Uluru (Ayers Rock),

Wars, deaths and the arms-trade How Reagan and Bush secretly armed Iran Background on West Papua

Gender Thousands wrongly Gender Assigned at Birth Birth Rites and Gender Identity De-masculinizing society On religion and gender The Sacred Place of the Transgendered- Shamans who Changed Gender

A Personal Note.

The Reluctant Lioness

The Library is also dedicated to those fighting for personal freedom, for the end to discrimination and to sexism, and especially to those who find in pain they were assigned to the wrong gender. Find out how this could happen.- and read my first hand account.

It is also for the vaccine damaged, their parents and friends, for those worried about 'mad-cow' disease, for all those damaged by careless medicine, factory farming, pesticides and other pollutants. - with much more added recently in her new dedicated medical/vaccines website

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