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When I was 17, perhaps partly because I was a loner and asthmatic, I was forced to rely on my own resources and, taking literally some of Christ's teaching, I got to know the divine being that dwelt as my Lover within me. I also found the Christian mystics, in particular from John of the Cross who wrote love poetry that described the soul as the bride of Christ joined in a delightful mystic marriage. John lived in Spain in the Middle Ages, was imprisoned by the Church's Inquistion and, when he was safely dead, was recognised as a Saint by the Catholic Church. One of his poems was known as

Spiritual Canticle of the Soul
Then I joined a Catholic religious order where I learnt of more mystics while studying as a Novice in a large house on top of the Mendip hills in Somerset, surrounded by ancient woodlands peopled by great yew trees. I went from here to study philosophy and theology for a further 7 years, mostly living in a castle on the borders of the New Forest.
But eventually I fell into disagreement with the Catholic Church over first the Vietnam war, then over its teachings on human sexuality - and I decided my path was taking me to other places where I had much to learn. I discovered the wisdom of Kahil Gibran - a mystic poet from the Middle East. And I spent much of the next 20 years working for and sometimes travelling and living with.Aboriginal elderss and spokespeople in Australia. From them I learnt more about the sacredness of the earth, of sacred places and one's inner Dreaming.
I then returned to my own land, to the isles of Britain and Ireland, to learn more of my own people's ancient spirituality - and found to my surprise others like me who were in covens and practiced a nature religion called the Craft of the Wise or Witchcraft. I was even more surprised to find out that at its heart was the teaching of the Mystic Marriage. I had gone a full circle, and found within my ancestral inheritance an ancient path that was demonized by the church, that had the same mystical teachings that I had encountered in other mystical traditions and the same sense of the sacredness of nature that I had found among the Aborigines.
Then, as the twentith century drew towards its end, while working as a priestess of the Craft, I encountered and worked with christian mystics of today, wonderful people who also honoured the wisdom of the non-Christian pagan shamens and spiritual teachers of the American Indians and the Aborigines. One of the Mystics they introduced me to was
Today I work as a priestess with all who are open, who believe in the sacredness of nature, who see the rocks and plants as their relatives, no matter what religious label they wear. For if they take us to union with the Goddess and God, all paths are equally to be honoured and ultimately are one.
So, here, on this page, are references to a wealth of wonderful material on Western mystical traditons - much of these resources were assembled and some translated by Julia and other mystics that are my friends. These resources also reveal something of the spiritual strength of women who were barred from the priesthood and most official offices by a patriarchical Catholic Church.
The Mystics' Internet
The above is an enormous site, mostly centred around studies of Julian of Norwich but ever going outwards.
Dialogue of Catherine of Siena
Medieval Women
Medieval Feminist Index
Quotations from the western mystical tradition
Story of the abbot of Druimenach, who was changed into a Woman
Gloriana's Court - Mystics in Love
Western Esoteric Resources on the Web
Western Mysticism
A lesser-known great woman mystic
Hadewijch 11
Hadewijch Letters
Letter 26
Hadewijch Letter 20
Hadewijch Letter 9
Hadewijch Letters
Stanzaic Poem 12
Poem 8
Stanzaic Poems
And a couple of great secualar women
Eleanor of Acquitaine


Good resources on this ancient religion that has much influenced Europe can be found (with many other resources) on the
The Hannah M.G. Shapero Web Page


Gnostic Society Virtual Library
The Gnosis Archive
and finally a current issue - the exclusion of women from the priesthood of the R.Catholic Church - how the last bastions of male power are guarded by clerics who teach we are all one in God.

Women's Ordination

Dissent in the Church
November 1996 Special Report, #143
Ordination of Catholic Women
Catholic Issues (Women's Ordination)
Responsum ad Dubium regarding Ordinatio Sacerdo…
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
Women, Androgynes, and Other Mythical Beasts
Do you consider yourself a transsexual or a woman
Canon 1024 FAQs
The Doves Kinswoman

Another witch who works and teaches ritual with some Christians as well as with pagans.

Starhawk's Home Page

and finally an anarchistic radical anti-war pro-street people anti-establishment Christian group that has inspired me for decades

Catholic Worker Home Page

Some Aboriginal Australian Resources.

(You can also find many resources in the room for Aboriginal Australia on this website.)

Uluru - The Aboriginal Women's Sacred Sites.

Aboriginal Web Links

Queensland Aboriginal - Indigenous Home Page.
Action for Aboriginal Rights.

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