Mining the Lands of Native Peoples - from the Tundra and Rainforest

A CIMRA exhibit

This is drawn from a constantly updated and extensive database on the impact of mining and indigenous people gathered over 23 years of research.

CIMRA was founded in London in 1977. It co-published with War on Want a study on the impact of mining corporations on Australian Aborigines entitled: "From Massacres to Mining: The colonization of Aboriginal Australians." (A later expanded version of this book was entitled "Massacres to Mining".) Uniquely the launch of this controversial book by Aboriginal spokesman was covered positively in the major news programs of most major Melbourne televison channels. CIMRA has also organised a speaking tour by Aboriginal representatives of five European nations. One of its co-founders is Jani Roberts.It can be contacted at CIMRA

Another resource is a film made jointly with Aboriginal Australians, Co-directed by Robert Bropho and Jani Roberts, it documented the impact of a major gold rush on the Aboriginal nations. The film was named by the Aboriginal elders who approved its release. These are senior elders of the Wongi people, the western extension of the Pitjantjatjara nation whose lands cover thousands of square miles from near Uluru to and as far west as Kalgoorlie. The Pitjantjatjara language and culture is now firmly established in Australia having survived the years of brutal colonial conquest. The film is entitled "Munda Nyuring" with a translation of this by the elders oas its subtitle: "He has taken the land, he believes it is his, he won't give it back", is available from here. This film won a Best Documentary Nomination - and has been extensively used by Aboriginal communites.

For an excellent resource centre and very strong working group on these issues, please contact Minewatch in London, UK.

For those specifically wanting information or help on RTZ, Rio Tinto Zinc, a giant international mining corporation headquartered in London, an excellent resource Centre is organised by PaRTZans from 218 Liverpool Road, Islington. London N1. UK. A spokesman for this group is Roger Moody, a tireless worker on these issues for many years, and a co-founder of CIMRA.


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